Hammert Inc. has been in the construction industry for several years now. Our team has been providing the construction site development services and general construction services. We have been working and providing our services on redevelopment or renovation projects and interior build-outs for different clients. Our highly skilled construction team has completed a comprehensive list of customized projects ranging from residential houses or buildings to institutional facilities and others.

Our Goal

At Hammert Inc. we have always tried to work very closely with our clients and our design team, contractor and our sub contractors to build and to deliver the finished result of high quality finished project.

Our team is responsive, responsible and collaborative; Hammert Inc. encourages the experience, expertise and talent of all team members working on a project. Our team has always stay focused on results, value and efficiency, so you can focus on doing business and other every day works of life if our client is a home owner. At Hammert Inc. we have always tried to deliver more than the construction services, our team deliver all construction and building solutions our clients might be having.

Our Mission

We provide construction  and design built services across multiple sectors;  in which our main focus will be on the  safe development and construction procedures, considering and utilizing innovative solutions; which will not only benefit us during the construction process but the client will be able to utilize all the sustainability benefits that we adopt during the construction of their building.  Our team at Hammert Inc. pride themselves on working effortlessly with all project stakeholders and the other team members, ensuring no solution is developed in isolation and without consideration of the possible implications on other areas of the project. The skills and expertise our team has enables them to handle any challenging problems encountered in the construction of projects.

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