In our pre-construction services, our general contractors at HAMMERT INC will thoroughly evaluate the contractibility of the construction project. We make sure to evaluate the project so that we could provide best and efficient engineering options for energy efficiency and sustainable building construction. Before we provide the contract to our client we ensure to have precise estimation of the cost of the whole project and scheduling and all other related important things. In order to achieve our client’s expectations and satisfaction, we make sure to do the things right from the start of the project.

Quality of the project is one of the main important things to us, and to ensure it throughout the project we do several quality checks and inspections while the construction is in process. We have worked on several design-build projects. We make sure to keep our client updated and informed regarding the progress of the project. Quality of our projects being our first priority we make sure to resource all the raw materials from recognized suppliers and manufacturers. Before even we initiate our project we make sure to inform our client which types and quality of the material are being used in their construction project.