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From swinging in your yard with your kids to hosting your annual Memorial dinner, building your dream home is much closer than you might think. Whether you have just started a new family, or just want to start over, we will help turn your vision into a reality.

Home renovation contractors GTA

Are you sick of your old, bring home? Do you need more space for your family? Well, it’s time to renovate your home. There are many renovation projects you can do in your home. It is important to think about the larger picture of your house. You need to first determine which rooms need to be renovated and then start to think about how they fit together. Installing the same building materials in each room will be the key to building continuity throughout your home. This is important in situations where you want to completely change the style of your home. Take the initiative in moving out of your house and creating a list of needed supplies. After that, look at the rooms nearby and decide if they will be affected. Once you have created the scope of your project, contact us to discuss details and go through our process. Or just simply contact Home renovation contractors Toronto.


Whatever the project, we will ensure that the final result of your home renovation Contractors Toronto will leave you a space to be proud to show to your family and friends. We have completed hundreds of home renovation projects in Toronto and nearby areas. You can trust us to provide comprehensive home remodeling services that will reward you with excellent design and intuitive functionality. So contact us to discuss your home remodeling project or if you need help finding the right contractor.

Services Offered by Home Renovation Contractors GTA

We provide all sorts of home renovation services to our clients. Our company is regarded as one of the best home renovation contractors in Toronto and nearby areas. The services we provide are the best and are provided to our clients at the most feasible and affordable rates. If you are looking for general home contractors then give us a visit or call us at the given number.

Basement Renovation

Double your space to make room for what matters most. If you want premium basement renovation services, we are here to help. We help all sorts of house owners and workplace owners to assist in basement remodel or renovation. For work or residence, the broad portfolio of Home renovation GTA for sub-projects shows how smart homeowners can renovate their basement into offices, playrooms, recreation centers, home bars, gyms, and more.

Home Office and Workplace Renovation

It’s your home and we understand that nothing is more important than that. Our experts have years of experience helping householders make their ideas a reality. We create spaces that families will enjoy and appreciate for years to come. With the power of business development, business owners can spend more time focusing on their businesses. Our proven track record of working with freelancers and self-employed people speaks for itself - you can count on your commercial projects from our experts. We will create a workspace or a simple reading space that you will cherish for years to come.

Apartment Renovation

We are recognized throughout the region as a preferred home renovation contractor GTA for many apartments, and it is easy to see why. Our employees have experience in handling multi-unit remodels without interrupting other existing residents or disrupting ongoing business in the vicinity. Our experienced experts consider the design, history, and unique features of each building to review the units in a highly efficient, accurate, and professional way - because no two buildings are alike. And with a guaranteed recording of seamless connection permits, delivery, subcontractors, and construction manager requirements, our team makes the apartment renovation process smooth from start to finish.

Kitchen Remodeling

The heart of your home is your kitchen and it needs to be improved. From small face applications to large appliances, our staff has the latest knowledge of all the trendy kitchen design techniques, and is ready to help you build the kitchen you love to spend time in. We work closely with our favorite vendors to guide you in choosing the best tile, paper tops, milling machines, etc. to complete your space, so you can feel confident your kitchen will look good and functional for years to come - whether you use space to cook delicious meals for your family and to entertain the guests.

Bathroom Renovation

Renovated bathrooms are at the top of the list for homeowners. From the small bathrooms of the hall and the guest bathrooms to the luxurious large bathtubs that feel like a daily escape. We can transform your outdated bathroom space into an attractive one. We will help you fill your style preferences into a clear project idea, and then propose a solid, durable and beautiful tile, stone, and other materials to make that idea a reality. From the bathtub to the underground tile, our portfolio of beautiful bath remodels speaks for itself. Give us a call to see designs and check ideas for bathroom renovation.

Solar Upgrade

Real-world development that pays off, solar is now more in demand than ever before. If you are interested in promoting energy efficiency in your home and also saving on monthly bills, solar could be the solution. Our staff can help check if your home is ready for solar panel installation, as well as installing new panels to increase your power output. Ready to take the following steps? We can also provide a full consultation to help make your home energy-efficient and ``green`` all year round.

Increased Home Space

Ready to expand? We have the ability to understand the needs of growing families and anyone who wants more space. We are working closely with you to create an add-on program that suits your needs — and that is just the beginning. Our experts can match the existing finish of your home, flooring, and other details to ensure that your newly installed square or block look like they’ve always been part of your home - so you can enjoy your new space without having to remove an existing one.

Home Renovation Contractors GTA Consulting Service

HammerT Inc.

A well-known industry leader with a lot of experience in the design and construction industry. We offer expert general home contracting advice to you. We have a keen eye for design combined with a wide range of construction projects that allow it to empower clients with ways to maximize their space, save time and money and increase their home value. Our clients often tell us that working with us on projects saves time and costly mistakes. We provide a road map that makes it easier to keep the project free of stress and in a way that gets completed in time.

Why Choose Home Renovation Services?

HammerT Inc.

The look and feel of your home is something that needs to change like certain hobbies, jobs, or cell phones that you get bored of. After all, you spend a lot of time in your home so it must be renovated and updated from time to time. Home remodeling and renovating services such as home extensions, bathroom, and kitchen remodeling services have become very popular, bringing new styles and making old styles out of date.

These days people are becoming more and more interested in the design of their homes especially their bathrooms and kitchens as these two spaces often give them a huge return on their investment. In fact, a renovation of the bathroom and kitchen can provide an aura and style throughout your home. Renovating your home will add ingenuity and inspire new life in your home.

Home Renovation Contractors Toronto provides its customers full treatment. We are a redesign company, which means we do all the planning, design, and construction needed to renovate your home, house. There is no waiting for plans from an outside designer or construction company, and there is no improper communication between the designer and the construction workers. By combining design and construction processes into one, we can save time and money and prevent headaches that occur in conjunction with two (or more) companies!

For All of Your Interior Construction Needs… We Are Available

Hire us For Your Home Renovation Project!

HammerT Inc.

Our construction team can provide you with building materials that are of high quality so that your remodeling project will add beauty and value to your existing home. We understand that you want your project to support and improve your lifestyle, so we keep you informed throughout the process and set priorities for you. Our team is very skilled at coming up with creative solutions that help you get what you want without your new space!

Already plans have been made by the architect? No problem. We can work with you to provide general contracts, project management, and construction services. All you need to do is join us to review the plans, hold on to any ideas and budget ideas your designer has in mind, and we’ll take care of everything else!

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