At Hammert Inc.  We provide construction services, for residential building construction, retail and commercial and several different renovation and remodelling projects. Our team at Hammert Inc. with the vast experience in the field and their expert skills and talents, consistently delivers the high quality finished project, every project we take over; no matter what the size and demand of that specific project might be our aim is to complete the project on time with our client’s satisfaction.

Services we offer at Hammert Inc.

Hammert Inc.‘s goal in every project we take over is to deliver a promise of the high-quality construction projects no matter what type of project we might be working on. Our team at Hammert is trained to understand the unique needs of construction of different types of projects. The services that we deliver are basically divided into three categories which are:

  • Pre-construction services
  • General contracting services
  • Construction Management services


Our team do provides detailed pre-construction services like materials selections, constructability, and schedules of a multitude of projects from inception.

Our team at Hammert Inc. will do the on-site inspection as built conditions, dimensions, and conditions of existing structures. We do go through a detailed reviewing of the materials, drawings and making cost comparisons for alternative materials and methods. The Pre-construction process or services our team is has the expertise in:


  • Project estimating and the total evaluation
  • Identification and classification of long lead items.
  • Project scheduling and planning
  • Consultation of the project design with the design team
  • Design-build suggestions and recommendations
  • Value engineering and techniques
  • Construction phasing, sequencing and site logistics
  • Subcontractor availability and their scheduling.

General Contracting

The very basic need of any construction project will be a good general contractor. Team of general contractors at Hammert Inc. provides their expertise.

Their in-depth knowledge in effective management systems for scheduling, cost and budget control of the ongoing project, project documentation and the legal work, and much more throughout the construction processes. We are proud to have a team of general contractors who have always tried their best to complete any given project on time and under the budget. At Hammert Inc. we provide the following general contracting services:

  • Preliminary budgeting and planning
  • Feasibility analysis and evaluation
  • Pre-bid coordination and expert advice
  • Permit expediting coordination
  • Scheduling of the team
  • Utility evaluation and review
  • Site plans and document interpretation, review and analysis
  • Project management
  • On-site supervision
  • Cost control
  • Status reports of the ongoing building project
  • Project  documentation and legal formalities
  • Safety management program and their proper implementation
  • Final completion and project delivery   

Construction Management

Construction Management is the planning, organizing and resolve of the projects from conception to completion. We have construction management experts and specialist.

The construction management services that we provide at Hammert Inc. are:

  • Better Project Communication and Coordination between the client and the construction team
  • Scheduling Management of the whole construction process.
  • Cost Effective Budgeting of the construction process.
  • Monitoring of the efficiency of the work
  • Monitoring of the quality of the work   

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