In recent years, the very first thing that home owners want to renovate is the washroom renovation. Our team at HAMMERT INC has successfully completed numerous washroom renovation projects. Whether it’s the cosmetic needs or the complete remodeling we can transform it for exactly the way you are expecting it. While working with different clients with different styles and personalities we make sure to design and recommend the ideas which reflect their styles as well as to deliver the comfort and functionality what they are looking for.

From the estimation of the project to the completion we make sure to take care of even the smallest details and fixtures so that the finished project will be capable of providing function and value as well.  Through careful planning, designing and choosing the right materials, you can have it all and our team will make sure to provide you the results with 100 percent satisfaction. We have the expertise to transform small bathroom into an amazingly functional space. If you are in a search of the right bathroom renovation contractor than contact us today.